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The MRC Clutch


Stiff Clutch?

Reduces Clutch Lever Effort by 50%
Ball & Ramp clutch release mechanism fits like stock - simple design that produces astonishing results !

Ideal for riders that spend long periods on their motorcycles in stop & go traffic!

Great for bikes with factory big bore kits with stiffer clutch spring! Smooth clutch engage/disengage

With the MRC Clutch there is no need to install a "lighter" diapharm spring. A lighter spring can cause the clutch to slip if the bike has performance modifications such as a 95 inch kit or cams.

Cost Effective
No need to purchase a primary cover gasket & primary fluid to replace the diapharm spring.

MRC Clutch's 15 degree ramp angle will make even the '08 models easier to pull. Twin Cam models up to 2005 had 21 degree ramps. 2006 -'08 model year Big Twins use 18 degree ramps.

Available in two kits:

HD-0001     '87 and up Big Twins
HD-0002     '94 and later Sportsters & Buells

Must be installed by a qualified Harley Davidson Technician

Contact your local Harley Davidson & Buell dealer or your favorite aftermarket shop and have them order the MRC Clutch for your bike today!

Don't settle for anything less than the best!

Dealer and shop inquiries please call: 702-269-7322

"Since installation my wife has ridden her bike over 2,500 miles and she simply" Loves it!" We both personally believe it reduced the effort more like 70%. As far as she's concerned it's the best accessory she's ever had installed on her bike and that it was well worth the cost!"
Kerry Coyle
"This unit works! I am 67 years old and I have a couple of fingers on my left hand that have been resewn. The local SLC HD dealer has a product from Phaedrus Cycle called MRC Clutch. It works like a charm for me."
Mr. Z
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